• Who are we?
    We are a team of sellers from China with experience of over 5 years in the cryptocurrency market. We maintained mining hubs in Shanghai, China holding various mining rigs.
  • Why is the shipping fee 200$?
    Mining rigs are really heavy and it is our responsibility to ship the machine without damage. Shipping companies charge more than 150$ in minimum to ship the machine across the world. For faster delivery, we use DAP ( Delivery-at-place) service. Shipping carriers keeps changing based on several conditions and destination.
  • Why are you only selling Decred products?
    The products we sell are used and are backed by our 60 days warranty. All the miners include a PSU. You do not need an external PSU. The decred market is going up and so we decided to sell the units for profit.
  • How long does it take to ship the products?
    We usually ship within 24 hours unless there are huge number of pending orders. We physically verify each and every device before shipping.
  • What about customs duty?
    It is up to the buyer to pay customs duty. Most of the items are duty free but we will do our best to help incase of an issue.
  • Is making payment here secure?
    Yes- 100% secure. You are paying through Coinbase Commerce. Right now, we believe more in cryptocurrency rather than real money and hence we chose this option. We have been through check frauds and chargebacks, and so we are going this route now.
  • What are mining contracts?
    We do have more decred miners and we charge some amount per hour to mine decred into9 your wallet. All we need is your decred wallet address and the amount of time to mine.
  • Why is your server hosted in USA when your business is in China?
    We know, people asked us this question before. Our main target audience for sales is USA. CryptoCurrency is available without limits in USA and hence our sales are targeted to USA.